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One night, Andie, figurehead of a four friends group, plans out her death in front of all her relatives. Through a broken monologue, Andie reveals her deep thoughts about each person she has harmed. This staging destabilizes the group and questions the links previously made. While each member of the gang tries to regain control of the group, both emotionally and physically, a fifth person interferes from the outside and comes to stir up chaos.

Directed by

Francis Bordeleau

Cinematography by

Miguel Henriques


Catherine Brunet
Ludivine Reding
Antoine Pilon
Léa Roy
Godefroy Reding
Manuel Tadros
Julianne Côté
Catherine de Léan
Mylène Mackay
Alexis Martin
Mariloup Wolfe
Roc Lafortune


Melancholia FIlms
TVA Films

Produced by

Stéphane St-Hilaire
Miguel Henriques
Francis Bordeleau