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Cameras, lenses, lighting, audio & accessories


We have a huge amount of gear available for your shoots. With cameras for every budget Miguel prides himself on always delivering cinematic images and storytelling no matter what the project is.

Incredible cinematic movement can be achieved with the Freefly M?VI PRO and the Steadicam. Sliders, small jibs and motion control using the Kessler Second Shooter can be added to a shooting package. The latest lighting gear is available from Buddha LED lighting and as well as classic lights like Arri lightting and Kino-Flo. High quality audio recording gear is also available for productions. Anything additional can be hired in.

Camera Supports :

  • Freefly M?VI PRO (fit to carry professional camera packages with all accessories for cinema and broadcast)
  • Exhauss Exoskeleton
  • Ready Rig + ProArm
  • Steadicam Archer2 (fit to carry professional camera packages with all accessories for cinema and broadcast)
  • G-50x arm
  • Walter Klassen Vest (For Steadicam and M?VI PRO)
  • Jib Crane PRO Varizoom 12’
  • Motorized head Kessler REV 2 Pan and Tilt Head
  • Kessler Second Shooter – Motion control system
  • Kessler Camera slider modular Shuttle pod 4’ to 24′
  • Kessler Camera slider Carbon 3’
  • Miller Compass 20 carbon fiber tripod
  • Camera car mount kit (fit to carry professional camera packages with all accessories)

Accessories :

  • MoVI Controler
  • Alpha Wheels 1A Tools
  • Freefly Mimic
  • Axis 1 Single channel FF
  • Atomos Shogun 4k recorder
  • SMALL HD field 503 UltraBright monitor
  • Kessler Second Shooter
  • Kessler ElektraDRIVE Motion Control
  • Promote system camera remote
  • ION Ultra Performance Battery System
  • Misfit ATOM Matte Box
  • Matte Box
  • Tiffen filters KIT


* Filmotechnic Flight Head, Russian Arms, Cranes, Shock Absorber and FCL Zero RD Rain Deflector are also available.


MIGUEL can be hired for various work