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Miguel can operate any Russian Arm from Filmotechnic and is a Member IATSE 667 and AQTIS

What is the Russian Arm System?

The Russian Arm System is the unique combination of the gyro-stabilized Flight Head on the end of a gyro-stabilized remote controlled crane arm. It is safely operated via joystick consoles from within the Chase Car. It is a high speed mobile crane arm used for photographing moving vehicles from just about any & every angle you want in all weather conditions. Shots are setup on the fly & adjusted instantly. Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination.

Russian Arm System

Filmotechnic Canada Ltd. is very proud to bring you the Sci-Tech Academy Award Winning, High Speed Gyro-stabilized Camera Support System: The Russian Arm, Flight Head V and multiples chases Cars.


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  • TITLE: The M8 Gran Coupé Concept CLIENT: BMW DIRECTOR: Dana Mogeltonder, Philip Hansen DP: Bobby Shore TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal STUDIO: Parasol-Island

  • TITLE: Qashqai – Strike Force  CLIENT: Nissan  DIRECTOR: Ivan Grbovic  DP: Sarah Mishara  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: Juniper Park\TBWA

  • TITLE: F-PACE – Luxury Crossover SUV  CLIENT: Jaguar  DIRECTOR: Tobias Granstrom  DP: Khalid Mohtaseb  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: RSA Films – Spark 44 – Mom Creatives Industries

  • TITLE: eGof – Electrifying performance  CLIENT: Volkswagen  DIRECTOR: Anthony Ayotte  DP: Mathieu Elie  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: 1ONE Production

  • TITLE: Corolla Hatchback – Life Is Out There  CLIENT: Toyota  DIRECTOR: Adam Azimov  DP: Chris Mably  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: Skin and Bones Films

  • TITLE: The Mighty Duel  CLIENT: McDonald’s  DIRECTOR: Didier Charette  DP: Dariusz Wolski  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: Romeo & Fils / Cossette

  • TITLE: Kicks – Underground  CLIENT: Nissan  DIRECTOR: James Brown  DP: Christophe Collette  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: Juniper Park\TBWA – Revolver Films

  • TITLE: Ease of Use – Recyclability  CLIENT: Keurig  DIRECTOR: Nicolas Monette  DP: Nicolas Bolduc  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: Gorditos

  • TITLE: Same Light  CLIENT: BEYRIES  DIRECTOR: Shayne Laverdière  DP: André Turpin  TEAM: Russian Arm Montreal  STUDIO: Metafilms